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Frank Reiser – Edutainment Developer : 3D-Generalist

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  • Kiel in the Middle Ages

    Kiel in the Middle Ages

    Most of the houses in the “Kiel 1242” project have now been completed and integrated into the program. Did Kiel look the same in the Middle Ages? Guaranteed not! Could it have looked like this? Quite possible. In the reconstruction, I have stuck to the historical facts, building plans and street layouts – as far…

  • Workflow: Trim sheets

    Workflow: Trim sheets

    For me, UV mapping is one of the tasks I enjoy the least. They are time-consuming, not very creative and a real source of errors. In addition, there are dozens of different approaches for a workflow and each requires an intensive training period. However, there are some plugins for Blender that try to take the…

  • Workflow: Blender – Unity

    Workflow: Blender – Unity

    Today I would like to introduce you to my workflow: Blender – Unity. I use a Blender plugin that supports me in this: b3dHub. In my experience so far, the authors offer good support – including a Discord server. I am an affiliate partner of BLENDERMARKET and receive a commission if you purchase an item…

  • AI – artificial intelligence

    AI – artificial intelligence

    Even if we have to take a critical look at the use and, above all, the risks of artificial intelligence, this project cannot be realized without the use of AI. As an individualist and without a budget in the background, I cannot finance the use of voice actors, musicians and other service providers.